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@blueyeti promised us in Ricochet’s recent Focus Group that “We also do not sell your email addresses or anything else to third parties even though we get asked about it on a regular basis.” As testimony to how good Yeti’s promise is, let me share what happened right after I subscribed to some other well-known right-wing outlet (which shall remain nameless) just this fall. I’ve been a Ricochet member for years. And for years, the partisan demands on my money have been negligible. Few emails, no texts. Life was good. Then, I signed up at that other right-wing outlet:

Now random politicians won’t stop $exting me. You know what I’m talking about. $exting. Those endless texts demanding money, burning up your phone faster than you can block them. Various personas claiming to be “Newt” or “Mitch” or “Scalise” take credit for sending them, though it’s hard to imagine the sender as anyone other than some pitiable peon of a staffer or intern, unhappily grinding out the wheedling that’s below everyone else’s pay grade.


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Apologies if this bothers some. I think looting will be an issue at the site—some to make a quick franc, others who want mementoes. Here’s my thought—cut the charred timbers into small pieces and sell them for a small fee. People who aren’t billionaires would feel like they’re helping, and they would have a piece […]

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Contributor Post Created with Sketch. Trump Donates First 3 Months Salary to National Park Service

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and Harpers Ferry National Historic Park Superintendent Tyrone Brandyburg accept Trump’s donation check from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

During the campaign, candidate Trump promised, “If I’m elected president, I’m accepting no salary.” Today, President Trump began to fulfill that commitment. He has donated his first three months of salary to the National Park Service.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the move at his Monday briefing, presenting a check for $78,333.32 to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. “The President has spoken with counsel and made the decision to donate his first-quarter salary to a government entity,” Spicer said.