Blaire White: The ‘Prolific Youtuber, Public Speaker, Political & Social Commentator’ joins Dave in this long-form, transparent and thought-provoking discussion covering Free Speech, #MeToo, Transgender issues, the Left’s takeover of the LGBTQ narrative, and her personal story. Follow Blaire White on YouTube, and @msblairewhite on Twitter and Instagram. PLEASE Support #WhiskeyPolitics at Cheers!

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  1. Melissa Praemonitus Member

    I was introduced to Blaire White’s Youtube channel by my remarkable daughter, and was thrilled when I found out Dave had worked with Blaire on an episode of Jubilee’s Common Ground series. She’s the opposite of what the media pushes as a typical transgender person, and her articulate and thoughtful commentary is encouraging a generation of kids to think rationally.

    Watching the video gives you a sense of the nascent revolution of people outside the mainstream who resent the politicization of their personal choices and private lifestyles. Blaire attacks the left directly, and without pulling any punches she guides her audience of millions of young people to question the dogma of leftist authority figures they’ve been taught cannot be doubted.

    For every older adult over the age of 40 who’s been perplexed by their kids lecturing them on the new world order, Blaire is a gift and a bridge to connect you to the young people in your life. She is a superstar in the world of 15-24 year olds. My recommendation is to watch this video with your kids and older grandkids; they’ll see you as very cool, and it will make you realize that you all have more in common than you thought.

    • #1
    • January 28, 2020, at 8:51 AM PST