Jeffrey Epstein, a powerful and well-connected financier as well as a convicted sex offender, died in his jail cell while awaiting trial from what the medical examiner ruled as a suicide. He was facing federal charges for sex trafficking of minors, but it wasn’t his first run-in with the law. In 2008, Epstein received what many perceive to be a slap on the wrist for soliciting an underage prostitute. My guest today is Jerry Dunleavy, he’s a Justice Department reporter with the Washington Examiner. On today’s show, we’re going to discuss the case of Jeffrey Epstein, what led to his death, all the questions that surround it, and what happens now. “Hashing it Out” is a podcast hosted by Siraj Hashmi, Washington Examiner’s commentary video editor and writer. Each episode includes a political guest to offer historical context of the news and politics of the day and insight into how we got to where we are. If you want to find the deeper meaning behind current events, then “Hashing it Out” is the podcast for you.

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    Needed more conspiracy theories – I kid. Good synopsis of this situation. I do hope there will be a way to hold Bill Clinton’s feet to the fire (or in this situation perhaps some other part of his anatomy???) about his relationship with Epstein.

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    • October 23, 2019, at 10:58 AM PDT
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