Congressman and Medical Doctor Andy Harris joins Larry O’Connor to discuss the protocols put in place by President Trump to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. Legal expert Cully Stimpson from Heritage Foundation discusses proposed changes to the FISA laws in light of abuses in the Carter Page case. Lead NBA writer at NBC Sports Kurt Helin talks about the events leading up to the NBA’s decision to suspend the rest of the season.  

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  1. DJ EJ Member

    The bad apples in the FBI (Comey, et. al.) weren’t abusing the FISA court on their own. They were directed to by Obama. He initiated it during the presidential election and there was a flurry of activity following the election while Obama was still in office:

    1. An unusually large number of unmaskings by Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, etc. (both of whom will be back in government if there’s a Biden administration).

    2. Obama dramatically increasing the number of agencies and eyes that had access to classified information, ensuring the leaking of phone conversations by Admiral Flynn and others.

    Obama directed all of it and made sure it was able to continue after he was out of office. Sorry, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court shouldn’t have the authority to grant secret warrants to conduct surveillance on American citizens. We can’t trust the Democrats not to use it against their political enemies, and no secret court or law enforcement agency should have that power to begin with.

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    • March 14, 2020, at 2:57 PM PDT
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