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Those in the mainstream media are obsessed with Fox News and its anchors and contributors. The obsession is at least in part purely jealousy; Fox dominates ratings consistently and were it not for airports, gyms, and bars, one has to wonder what ratings at CNN would actually look like. There is, certainly, plenty about the network (indeed, at every network) worthy of criticism, but this same Fox Derangement Syndrome makes it impossible to praise when praise is due. The last few weeks, two Fox personalities have used their platforms for good; highlighting two medical conditions impacting their families. If we lived in a sane and calmer political climate, their actions would be news across the networks, not just on Fox’s airwaves.

Over the weekend, Ed Henry appeared on Fox & Friends and told the emotional story of his decision to donate part of his liver to his sister, suffering from a liver disease:

Henry’s sacrifice isn’t just incredible for what it is, but his willingness to be open about the surgery, despite how emotional it is, is a blessing for other families with relatives on liver transplant lists. The fact that live liver donation is possible, that for both parties the liver regenerates back to normal size and function, isn’t well-known. Henry’s decision to be public about his donation will help spread awareness of the surgery, and will certainly save lives in the process.

Another Fox host, Janice Dean, is living with Multiple sclerosis (MS). While most Americans think of being confined to a wheelchair when they think of MS, Dean shows there’s another way. That’s not to say she isn’t honest about the pain involved with the disease, but she also, day after day, inspires hope for those who have been newly diagnosed that there is still plenty of life left to live. At the end of June, Dean was honest about a flare-up she was experiencing:

And this week, she’s been posting pictures of hiking through Hawaii with her husband and two sons:

Henry’s surgery is tomorrow; please say a prayer for both Ed and his sister.

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  1. Stad Thatcher

    Bethany Mandel: and were it not for airports, gyms, and bars, one has to wonder what ratings at CNN would actually look like.

    A little food for thought (yes, CNN pays to be aired):

    Henry’s generosity and Dean’s courage are examples for everyone, regardless of politics. Prayers are ongoing . . .

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    • July 8, 2019, at 9:17 AM PDT
  2. Susan Quinn Contributor

    They are two tremendous people. Both have had their life difficulties in different ways, but their examples of selflessness are humbling. Thanks, @bethanymandel.

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    • July 8, 2019, at 9:26 AM PDT
  3. JennaStocker Member

    In this politically charged environment-in which the national media seems to focus more on the latest outrage story (whether true or not) and vindictive finger-pointing, these two souls are rare breaths of fresh air. Thank you for highlighting their stories.

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    • July 9, 2019, at 7:01 AM PDT
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